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Since inception, the Fiji Teachers Union has made great contributions towards national building. One of the contribution of the Union is the continued efforts towards improved terms and conditions of work for the teachers and enhancement of overall education. Some other are:
  • Granting the civil service status to primary teachers in 1948.
  • Woman members being granted permanent status with maternity leave in 1971.
  • Demolition of the Volunteer Services Scheme under which teachers were paid $3000 p/a in 1985
  • Introduction of Executive Teachers & Counsellor positions in 1995
  • Reintroduction of increments, Rural Allowance etc. in 1995
  • Reintroduction of Appeals Board – 1997.
  • Granting of civil servant positions to GIA teachers in 2005.
Medical         - Private consultation
                        - Specialist treatment Outside government hospital.
                        - Special Medical Service.
  • Retirement benefits to membership
  • Death benefits to members, spouse, children.
  • Group life and health insurance at affordable premium
  • Credit union facilities for saving and borrowing.
  • Group Motor Vehicle and house/ content insurance through CTCS at nominal rates.
  • Opportunity to purchase shares in Hideaway Resort.

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